AMERICA SUPER LAUNCH - Coast to Coast @ July 2018

Super Launch USA - Coast to Coast!

Introducing the MarketSocial

CitiLife w/PocketPlus USA

Wuts New! Wuts Hot! & Wuts a Deal!

Every Month across America - Coast to Coast with 108 Cities and 134 Grocery Chains at 13,400 Locations. USA Everywhere

5-in-1 Media Advantage

Expand your reach with One Promotion across 5 Media: Print - Internet - Mobile - Beacon & MoniPlus.  Local to Global

The MarketSocial

We expand the boundaries of Commerce with Convergence.  Blending Promotions - Social - Messaging & Commerce to create a New Type of Shopping. It delivers exponential results for everyone. 

Wuts New! Wuts Hot! & Wuts a Deal!

A New Type of Shopping - The MarketSocial


Designed to promote your Brand, Product & Services. Or just to better inform your customers. 


All the engagement likes and shares are built into every promotion and transaction. Achieve exponential results. 


As your customers experience the Power of the Pin - Saving, Sharing Clicking n Buying. Messaging is carrying them all along the way with Exponential Sales. 


Our Digital Commerce has been expanded to new types of product offerings, local service and includes Charities, Faith and Govt to build stronger communities 

The Power of Pins-n-Tags

Discover n Explore

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? 

Have you opened a new location or added a new product or service?  Let everyone know.

Save n Share

 PocketPlus Pins allow people to Save for themselves and Share with friends and family. Achieve exponential results with every ad

Click n Buy

After people discover and explore new offerings, they save then share with friends and family. It all leads to more sales. 

CitiMart Shopping - Services & Community

The MarketStream - 10 Channels


Everything You Need to Fulfill Your Day 


All Food Establishment at Your Fingertips


Tap into All Local Home Services


Stay Abreast of All Available Health Offerings 


Now You can Shop for Services Everywhere


Increase your Income then Save & Invest  

People & Community - Local to Global

We include Your Community Too


Participate in Local Community Services


Faith Outreach to Help Your Neighbors

Govt & Politics

A Stronger Safer & Prosperous Community

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SmartShopping for Everyone

A New Type of Shopping - The MarketSocial

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